SDK Integration
SDK Usage

SDK for WordPress Usage

To access to the SDK you can use the global variable from the snippet you created for your own plugin.


Or by calling the custom method that will return SDK without creating it each time.


Get a unique landing page URL for your product

$link = $my_license->purchase_link($plugin_slug);

Check if the user has a license key

if ($my_license->license_exists($plugin_slug)) {
    // User have the license

Check if the license is active

if ($my_license->is_license_active($plugin_slug)) {
    // User license is active

Get a license details

$response = $my_license->license($plugin_slug);

Response can be false is license does not exist. Expected response is an array with license details:

array (size=13)
  'first_name' => string 'John' (length=11)
  'last_name' => string 'Doe' (length=10)
  'full_name' => string 'John Doe' (length=22)
  'email' => string '[email protected]' (length=20)
  'plan_type' => string 'month' (length=5)
  'plan_name' => string 'plan' (length=4)
  'charge_type' => string 'subscription' (length=12)
  'gateway' => string 'stripe' (length=6)
  'active' => boolean true
  'created_at' => string '01/27/2022 18:07:48' (length=19)
  'subscribed' => boolean true
  'cancelled' => boolean true
  'subscription' => 
    array (size=4)
      'stripe_id' => string 'sub_0KMcNuxCqoZozrbaG75rgcZs' (length=28)
      'stripe_customer_id' => string 'cus_L2hnYEuIw2p3pE' (length=18)
      'ends_at_formated' => string 'February 27, 2022' (length=17)
      'is_ended' => boolean false

Cancel the user license request

Sometimes, when the user is subscribed to your plugin, you can allow a user to cancel subscription to your plugin. This is how the user can cancel license subscription.

if ($my_license->cancel_license($plugin_slug)) {
    // User license is canceled