Product Setup

Setup Payment Provider

Select Payment Provider

First step is to select one of the payment providers we support. At the moment Stripe and Paypal are the options we do support. When select You will go to the next step.

Configure keys and secrets

Once you select payment provider configuration page will open. Every payment provider has own configuration and secret keys you need to save. Once you save secrets, we will integrate your payment provider on the selling landing page.

Stripe keys

Stripe have Publishable key and Secret key. Log in into your Stripe account and open developers > API keys on the dashboard. To switch from test/production keys just toggle the test switch.

Copy publishable and secret key and click Save button. You are done with configuration.

Cerate a product
Cerate a product

PayPal keys

Cerate a product
Cerate a product

To setup PayPal visit Developers Dashboard, and create new Application under "My apps & credentials", if you didn't create one. Select your Application and page with secrets will open.

Copy Client ID and Secret, from the PayPal and paste into the fields on the configuration page, and click Save.

Pricing Plans Auto Creation


Once you save your secrets for Payment provider, your Pricing Plans will be auto-created on Payment Provider via API. That means you do not have to create price plans manually on Stripe or Paypal. Read more.