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Setup Repository

Repository integration is available for WordPress Plugin and WordPress Theme projects. We support GitHub and Bitbucket repository providers.

You can select and configure only one provider per project (GitHub or Bitbucket).

Repository Integration

To integrate Repository, select Connect Code Repository from the main menu. Once you pick GitHub/Bitbucket, it will redirect you to integration page on GitHub/Bitbucket, in case it does not connect you with License Bridge application. Allow License Bridge application to connect with your GitHub/Bitbucket account. Once you allow access, it will redirect you back to the configuration page on License Bridge application.

The configuration page - Select Repository and Branch

You can open the configuration page from Connect Code Repository from the main menu and selecting connected repository provider (GitHub or Bitbucket).

You can pick repository from your personal account, or from organizations you belong. Once you pick the repository, select the Branch with your premium code.


We suggest keeping the free and premium plugin versions on separate branches, or separate repositories.


If your plugin or theme is located into sub-folder in the repository, you need to save Sub-folder path. Sub-folder path doesn’t start or end with a slash, and proper example value can be src or plugins/my-plugin.

If your plugin is not in the repository root, and you left this field blank, or enter an incorrect path, the auto-update and auto-installation cannot work.

We use Sub-folder path for extracting the zipped projects from GitHub and Bitbucket, and storing them into WordPress wp-content/plugins directory.

If your plugin is not on the root in the repository, don’t populate sub-folder field.
Select Repository and Branch
Select Repository and Branch

Main benefits when integrate code repository:

  • Parsing Plugin/Theme metadata
  • Plugin/Theme Auto-update

Parsing Plugin/Theme metadata

Once you integrate code repository LicenseBrigde will parse your WordPress plugin/theme main file and extract metadata for WordPress plugin:

  • Plugin name
  • Plugin slug
  • Plugin version
  • Required minimum WordPress version
  • Test up to WordPress version
  • Required PHP version
  • Author
  • Author Url
  • Last updated DateTime

Plugin/Theme Autoupdate

The licensed users will receive updates from the repository branch you selected. Once you push changes to the code repository branch and upgrade version in main plugin/theme file, users will get new version update notification on WordPress plugins administration page.