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Price Plans Auto Creation

Price Plans Auto Creation

License Bridge will create a pricing plan for payment providers you integrate. In the background via API, we will send a request to the payment provider and when it is done send you a notification about the success.

We will try to create pricing plans:

How to be sure we created pricing plans on the Payment provider

We create when pricing plans on the Payment providers you integrated with License Bridge, we will list them on product details page. Open the current active product details page, with Products -> Edit Product & Plans from the main menu, and go to the second page with Next button.

Under each product plan, you will see Synced price plans notification in case that product plan is successfully created on integrated Payment provider.

Auto created pricing plans
Auto created pricing plans

In this example, from the image we create pricing plan on the Stripe and Paypal, and customers will pay via any option they prefer.

Limited pricing plans editing

Once project pricing plans are created on Payment provider, you can’t edit pricing plans fields:

  • Prices
  • Plan type (Recurring payment?)
  • Trial days
  • Product currency

Reason is once created pricing plans on Stripe/PayPal can’t be edited. To be consistent, we have to stick with same policy.

In case when you want to change prices, delete pricing plan, and create a new one.

Stripe product plans

To see created pricing plans on stripe just go to the product page, and find a product with the name of your License Bridge Product. Open the product on the stripe and you will see belonging pricing plans.

PayPal billing plans

Using PayPal API Billing plans, License Bridge creates plans for your product. If you want to list all billing plans for your product, use List billing plans API call.