Product Setup
Create a Product

Create a Product

Create a product and price plans

Product represents the software you are selling. When you create a product, pick a name and product type. Product name will be the main title on the selling landing page, which you can change later on the setup landing page.

Create a product
Create a product

Pick the product type that match you neds. Product types we offer are:

  • WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Theme (soon)
  • Digital Download (soon)

One product represents only one software product. The “WordPress Plugin” and “WordPress Theme” product supports git deployment to WordPress. You can use digital download when users need to download your product after purchase a license. Example is when you are selling an e-book.

Price plans

In the next step, you need to create price plans. Price plan allows you create a price packages for your product. The price plan can be “recurring” or “lifetime”.

Recurring payment supports month or year period. Customers pay every month or every year until they cancel the license.

Lifetime payment plan - Customers pay once and can use your product forever. The License in this case never expires.

Create product plans
Create product plans

Recurring payment plans

Recurring payment plans can be suitable when you sell WordPress plugins and you constantly develop and upgrade a plugin. One recurring plan can have monthly and yearly prices. In case when you want to have only monthly or only yearly price, set unwanted option price to zero, and plan will have just monthly or yearly option.

Lifetime plan

For digital product you will usually want to create a onetime payment. User will pay once and they can use your product forever. Lifetime plan can be user for WordPress plugins and themes too. Users will receive your plugin and theme updates forever.

Trial Periods

For all plans, you can add trial period in days. That way, your customers will try out the product during a trial period. When the trial period is over, the selected payment processor will charge from the customer.

When trial period doesn’t exist, payment processor will charge instantly when the customer made a purchase.

Pricing plans auto-creation with payment providers (Stripe and Paypal)

If you connected payment providers when creating a product, we will also create price plans for your selected provider. To learn more about how auto-creation works, read here.