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Protect and sell premium & freemium WordPress plugins & themes without headache.

Protect Wordpress Plugins

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Our mission is to help you grow your business by providing toolbox and services with minimal configuration setup.

  • Software Licensing

    License key protection for WordPress plugins and themes, software or digital products.

  • Secure Checkout (Stripe and PayPal)

    Build landing page with integrated payment system in a few minutes.

  • Recurring Payments

    Build a sustainable business with recurring payments. Sell annual or monthly subscriptions.

  • Automatic Updates for WordPress plugins & themes

    We integrated plugin and theme updates into WordPress auto-update system.

  • Git Deployment (GitHub and Bitbucket)

    Push new version to the repository, and clients will get the new version instantaneously.

Wordpress Security
Wordpress Development

Baked in Landing Page with payment integration

Time is precious, use it for building a product. Landing page and payments are our concern.

Setup and Go

Just add rich product description, images and videos, integrate payment processor and your page is ready to sell.

Integrate your personal PayPal or Stripe accounts

We do not take any cuts from you. Payment goes directly to your payment account.

WordPress Auto installation

For freemium WordPress plugins, after purchase, we will replace free plugin with premium like magic. No need for manual download.

SEO friendly landing page

Landing page is SEO friendly out of the box.

Make money with Wordpress business
Payments for every business case

Use Recurring Payments to make sustainable business.

  • Why recurring payments?

    For constantly improved product, you need to charge for new features and improvements to keep your business healthy.

  • Customers approved

    Customers will be glad to support product that improve and stay up to date with the latest trends.

  • We support regular payments too

    When you sell WordPress theme or digital products, charge just once, and ship the product. We support this as well. We even support mixing recurrent and life plans in the same product.

Toolbox for WordPress Business

How License Bridge can boost your business?

Easy to implement

You’ll be able to integrate your product and License Bridge with plug and play system

SEO friendly Landing Page

Landing page that convert and sells is ready out of the box

Integrated payment provider

Integrate Stripe and PayPal for regular and recurrent payments


Using git deployments, we provide Premium WordPress plugins auto-update and themes for licensed users.

License Key Security

Only licensed users can get updates and download software. Licenses cannot be hacked or abused.

Support when you need it the most

When you need a helping hand, we’ll be there for you.

Quick code integration with License Bridge SDK for WordPress

The SDK for WordPress will integrate your plugins and themes with License Bridge. Empower them with the license protection, auto updates and secure payments.

Customize setup snippet.

Customize setup snippet to make your SDK initialization unique and avoid collisions with other plugin or theme.

Replace license-product-slug with the product slug from the License Bridge .

Now you are ready.

WordPress SDK integrates into plugin and theme

It’s a no brainer.

Once customized and setup, WordPress SDK usage is simple as that.

The code speaks for itself.

WordPress SDK integrates into plugin and theme

Hear what our customers say:

What I liked most about the License Bridge is the fact that I could put my plugin to the market without building a shop or integrating payment system into my website. Now I have a selling platform for my product and all bucks goes into my pocket.

Marian Manicek

The reason I use this service is I am not a senior developer, and for me developing a licensing and payment layers would be a tremendous burden. The License Bridge helps me launch my minimum viable product and test the market without spending too much time on things that my customers do not care at the end of a day.

Liam Bold

Oher companies with similar services take too much from the young entrepreneurs like me. What I get from License Bridge is more than I am paying for. Supporting young entrepreneurs separates this service.

Danek Lobanovsky

Affordable pricing plans

Because every company is different, License Bridge comes with multiple licensing plans that fit your needs.

Not want you need?

If you are looking for additional advanced features not listed here, drop us a line.

Starter plan

most popular

  • 3 products
  • 100 licenses
  • WordPress automatic updates
  • Payment integration
  • Git deployment
  • Full Support
  • Free 30 days trial

No Credit Card Required

Business plan

  • 20 products
  • 2000 licenses
  • WordPress automatic updates
  • Payment integration
  • Git deployment
  • Full Support
  • Free 30 days trial

No Credit Card Required

Sandbox plan

  • 1 product
  • 10 licenses
  • WordPress automatic updates
  • Payment integration
  • Git deployment
  • Email Support

No Credit Card Required

Special limited offer

We want to celebrate our launch, and give our early adopters a chance to try out our service without string attached. Fell free to join and use our app for FREE. We do not ask for your credit card.

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers:

Money goes directly to your Stripe or PayPal account. The full amount without a fee.

Yes, we do.

We do support all pricing models: freemium, one-time purchase and subscription model. What we suggest as the best business model is freemium plus subscription model combined together.

Each time you push changes to GitHub or BitBucket your customers will get fresh plugin updates. Easy as that.
The easiest way is to use License Bridge SDK for WordPress we created for you. Another way is to use our API, and create your own integration code. Pick what you want.

Stop looking for a Software Licensing solution.

With License Bridge you will protect your freemium and premium WordPress plugins and themes, software or digital product.